LCH.Clearnet Ltd Members – Rescheduled Annual Disaster Recovery Test

Report date

Circular No.

LCH Circular No 3576


19 December 2014


Following the postponement of the disaster recovery test on 8 November due to unforeseen circumstances, LCH.Clearnet can confirm the new date for the disaster recovery testing will be 28 February 2015.

All Ltd members are required to participate in annual testing, as documented in the member rulebooks.

Members can choose between two options to complete their testing requirements:

  1. Participation in the annual LCH.Clearnet disaster recovery test

Testing is scheduled to take place on Saturday 28 February 2015. This provides an opportunity for members to check connectivity between our systems and, where possible, access to our website and reporting systems during a simulated incident. This test will ensure that members are familiar with LCH.Clearnet's disaster recovery processes. Members, where possible should test their own disaster recovery procedures at the same time. Further details, including timings, will be provided following registration.

  1. Data Centre Connectivity Testing - available 24/7

Members also have the option of completing basic connectivity testing to our back up data centre, which can be completed at any point in time. Details regarding this testing can be found on a secure site that has been set up specifically for members. To access this site please register here

Action required

We would be grateful if members pass this notice on to their Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery representative to:

  1. Confirm if you would like to participate in the LCH.Clearnet disaster recovery test on Saturday 28 February by e-mailing by Thursday 12 February.
  2. Register for access to the secure area to complete the connectivity testing.


For any queries regarding testing please email