LCH.Clearnet Ltd - Migration of Member Reporting to Portal Reporting

Report date

Circular No.

LCH Circular No 3628


26 June 2015


All LCH.Clearnet EquityClear, EnClear, LSEDM, NLX, RepoClear and SwapClear Members


Dear Member,
LCH.Clearnet Ltd is changing the way Member Reporting is accessible. This is to provide Members with a new, faster, reliable and more secure Member Reporting service available via the existing Portal – a browser-based service.

Member Reporting is the collective term used for the distribution and delivery of reports to Members. MemWeb/MemberLive is the web interface component of Member Reporting where individual users can login to a web page to browse and retrieve daily business reports.

LCH.Clearnet Ltd plans to migrate full Member Reporting to Portal Reporting for EquityClear, EnClear, LSEDM, NLX, RepoClear and SwapClear. Member Reports are already on Portal Reporting for the ForexClear service. The migration of Member Reporting will be introduced in a phased approach starting with the decommissioning of MemWeb/MemberLive user access by September 30th. In order to meet this deadline Members will be required to migrate onto Portal Reporting by September 16th. Later this year we will be replacing our current SFTP service with a newer more scalable SFTP solution, we will be issuing information about this shortly.

Member Reporting and Portal will run in parallel until until the September 30th.

Key benefits for users will be

  • a single point of access to all business information that can be tailored at a user level
  • greater member control to maintain user access rights via Portal Reporting with the introduction of the Super User facility
  • the removal of the existing generic credentials

A follow up communication detailing next steps, indicative timelines and how to register Super Users will be sent out shortly.

Please note that this migration is independent of the suspension of dormant accounts which we have recently communicated to members and is due to take place effective week commencing 25th June.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your Client Services representative.