LCH.Clearnet – Member Reporting Changes

Report date

Circular No.

LCH Circular No 3717


30th March 2016


All LCH.Clearnet EquityClear, EnClear, LSEDM, NLX, RepoClear, SwapClear, ForexClear and CDSClear Members

Dear Member,

As a continuation of the Member reporting changes that took place in Q3 of last year (migration of all reports from Member Reporting website to Portal), LCH.Clearnet Ltd and SA (CDSClear service only) are changing the way Member Reports are named and the access for any automated report downloads. These changes will improve security and traceability of Member Reporting services.

Member Reporting is the collective term used for the distribution and delivery of reports to members via the Portal for Web, API and sFTP. The Portal web interface is where individual users can login to a web page to browse and retrieve daily business reports. The Portal API and sFTP access points allow scripted/automatic download of reports into member systems.  The Portal API (REST based interface) is available to enable Members to run scripts to retrieve reports on an ad-hoc basis.

Changes/Action Required:

  • Report Naming Conventions: All reports names will be changing, with additional characters pre-fixed to reports names to improve traceability.
  • sFTP Functionality: All Members will be required to redirect their sFTP functionality from the existing Memweb sFTP to the Portal sFTP.
  • Members are requested to assign a contact within their firm to manage the upcoming changes.  Please advise us of their contact details by emailing

Member testing dates are planned to start during Q3 with members starting to go live with the changes in September. The services will run in parallel as members switch over. The implementation is planned to be complete by 30th November 2016, when Memweb sFTP will be decommissioned. The CDSClear members who have already decommissioned their LCAP and migrated to sFTP will only need to test the new Report Naming Conventions.

Key benefits for users will be:

  • Increased security when accessing sFTP with the integration of additional IP tracking information.
  • Increased traceability for member report distribution from the additional information in the new filenames.  
  • Self-service control over user access rights with Super Users creating and managing IDs in Portal.

We’d like to remind members to be cyber-risk aware and to keep information on connectivity and access confidential.

A follow up communication detailing next steps and indicative timelines will be sent out shortly. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your Client Services Representative.