Member Reporting Changes - Update

Report date

Circular No.

LCH Circular No 3733


13th May 2016


All LCH  Limited and LCH LLC (together “LCH”)  Members


Dear Member,

Further to LCH Circular no. 3717, we would like to advise you of changes to Member Reporting. The change will affect LCH Members using manual or automated system download processes.

Member Reporting is the collective term used for the distribution and delivery of reports to members via LCH’s online portal for web, API and sFTP (“The Portal"). The Portal web interface is where individual users can login to a web page to browse and retrieve daily business reports.

Changes/Action Required:

The impacts are outlined below and members should consider these during their development work to align to the new changes to Member Reporting. 

Q2 Changes:  - 2 changes:

  • Zip file decommission: To improve security around data control .zip files production will no longer be supported for LCH services. Zip files contain one or more files and are compressed to reduce the file size.  Two services currently produce zip files, decommissioning dates are as follows:

Services Impacted

Decommission date





NOTE: Decommission date linked to Clearing Service internal release schedule

ACTION: Member(s) to advise your relationship manager by 3rd June 2016 of any feedback regarding the decommission date.  

  • Synapse GUI Reporting: Listed Rates members who currently access reporting via the Synapse GUI, will need to use Portal to access reports as of 30 June. All other functions can still be accessed by Synapse.

ACTION: Member(s) to ensure all staff that require access to Listed Rates reports are able to access Portal for reporting in future.

Q3 Changes - 2 changes:

  • File structure: Files produced daily will be kept in the online history in dated folders for a standard five business days, while non-daily (monthly, quarterly) files will be kept directly under the business folder for all members. The introduction of dated folders will be a change to the folder structure for some services and should be considered in any Member reporting changes script updates/development work.  The specific folder structure will be provided for each service along with the detailed file spec by the end of May. The changes will be effective when members go-live in Q3.

ACTION: The appointed member contact for Member Reporting Project should ensure folder structure changes are considered for any automated system file download processes changes.  

  • Independent software vendor (ISV) impact: Members who use ISVs should ensure that the relevant Member Reporting changes has been passed on to these parties, to allow them enough time to make any updates to their systems.

ACTION: Please communicate all circulars and detailed materials on the changes to ISVs to aid them in managing the change.


Workshops are being held over May to communicate further details of the changes, indicative timelines and next steps to members with materials available in the secure area.  To request access to the ‘Member Reporting Programme’ secure area please click on the following link and logon details will be follow via email. 

We’d like to remind members to be cyber-risk aware and to keep information on connectivity and access strictly confidential.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your relationship manager.