Member Reporting Update - Key Cut-Off Milestones

Report date

Circular No.

LCH Circular No 3840


3rd February 2017


All LCH Ltd members


Dear Member,

Further to our previous Circular 3785, we are now live on the new Portal SFTP service.

Thank you to all those who are engaging with us in testing, migrating and those that have now fully migrated to the new Portal SFTP service.

For members still accessing the Member reports via memweb please note the following two significant milestones:

  • Effective 20th February, the current/old Member Reporting service, for SFTP and memweb access, will effectively be out of support, and no longer be considered LCH’s primary delivery mechanism for reports. For a short period we LCH will continue to run and maintain the service in parallel to allow migration.
  • Effective 1st April, any Members that are accessing old member reporting via SFTP or memweb accounts – will be deactivated, unless you are a member that has secured an agreed extension. We will notify each member/owner of the specific accounts that will be deactivated 10 days in advance.


The Clearing House may seek to negotiate commercial terms for members who require long term extensions.  Please contact us if you are unable to meet the dates outlined above.  Members will be required to accept liability for any confidentiality related issues from the dates advised above in the event that they have not migrated to the new Portal SFTP service.

Action Required:

For those members that have not yet migrated, in order to help track and assist you, we ask you to confirm your planned testing and migration date.

For those members that have migrated, please ensure that you inform us that your migration is complete and you no longer require access to the old service.

All information on the project is available in the ‘Member Reporting Programme’ secure area. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your relationship manager or email