New Product Launch – IOB DR Dividend Neutral Stock Futures

Report date

LCHClearnet Ltd: Circular No

LCHClearnet Ltd: Circular No 3535

Service Circular No:

London Stock Exchange Derivative Market Circular No 16


16 October 2014


All London Stock Exchange Derivative Market Members


LCH.Clearnet would like to inform London Stock Exchange Derivative Market (LSEDM) clearing members that, from 20th October, LCH.Clearnet will be clearing Dividend Neutral Stock Futures (DNSF) on a selection of IOB Depositary Receipts (DRs). For further information and product specification please refer to LSEDM Member Notice 2014/071 

All physically delivered underlyings resulting from these LSEDM contracts will be cleared through the EquityClear service and become Equityclear contracts under the LCH.Clearnet Ltd Rules and Regulations.

Should you have any questions please contact: