Nodal US Bank Holiday Intraday Calling Procedures

Report date

Circular No.

Circular 3661


Nodal Circular No. 36


08 October 2015


All Nodal Clearing Members


We would like to advise you of our Intraday Margin Calling procedures on the Nodal Exchange for the upcoming US currency holiday on 12th October 2015 (Columbus Day).

On 12th October the Nodal Exchange will be open however US PPS Banks will be closed. LCH Clearnet Ltd will therefore be required to call Intraday margin prior to the 16:00 UK PPS cut off time. This margin will be calculated by using each member’s largest Intraday liability over the previous month.

If you have any queries, please contact the Operations and Client Services department by phone on 020 7426 7520 or by email at