Revisions to the LCH Ltd ("LCH") EquityClear Fees

Report date

Circular No.

LCH Circular No 4025


15th May 2019


All LCH Ltd EquityClear Clearing Members


Dear Member


We would like to advise our LCH Ltd (LCH) EquityClear clearing members of two fee changes:

Crest Messaging Fee - On 15 December 2017, we issued circular 3920

This advised that LCH would increase the Crest messaging fee to 6p, to an EquityClear clearing member, for each Crest settlement instruction relating to it. This increase was not implemented at that time and will now be effective on and from 1 July 2019.


Split Request Fee - With effect on and from 1 July 2019, we will also implement a new fee, where an EquityClear clearing member requests LCH to cancel a delivery versus payment or free of payment settlement instruction and instruct two or more new settlement instructions in their place (each, a Split Request). LCH will charge an EquityClear clearing member a fee of £25.00 for each Split Request.


LCH will invoice such new fees from August 2019. For further information, please contact:

Ian Mackenzie on +44 (0) 7426 7265 or by email






Yours sincerely,


Alex Krunic

Head of LCH Ltd - EquityClear