Revisions to RepoClear Ltd Tariff Structure

Report date

Circular No.

LCH Circular No 3958


22nd June 2018


All RepoClear Ltd Members


Dear RepoClear Ltd Member

Further to our previous Member Notification – Circular No 3954 on 1 June 2018, please be advised of the following changes in respect of Belgian securities where failed settlement charges will now increase to €140 per intended settlement. These charges follow National Bank of Belgium’s introduction of a ‘fails fine’ where LCH fail to settle on the intended settlement date.

See below a reminder of all the adjusted failed settlement charges we are making to the RepoClear Ltd tariff structure as from 1 July, 2018.

Specific Collateral Failed Settlement Charges

For each business day a member fails to deliver bonds to LCH Ltd RepoClear, the following increased charges will apply:

  • Belgian securities: €140 per intended settlement from €20 per intended settlement
  • UK Gilts: £35 per intended settlement from £3.75 per intended settlement
  • All other securities: €40 or $47 per intended settlement from €20 or $20 per intended settlement

The new tariff will be published on LCH website as of 1 July, 2018 at the following link:

For further information, please contact RepoClear Ltd Relationship Management: