Singapore Dollar cash and securities as collateral

Report date

Circular No.

LCH Circular No 4177


18 October 2021


All LCH Ltd Members


Dear Member,

LCH continues to expand its eligible collateral, affording members new opportunities to provide a wide range of collateral in new settlement locations.

We are pleased to announce that members may now provide Singapore denominated cash and securities (government bonds and treasury bills) as margin collateral.

Members that wish to provide Singapore Dollar cash can do so by directly depositing funds into LCH’s account held with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (‘MAS’), subject to LCH collateral and rulebook criteria. To facilitate this process, LCH will be producing a new report (‘Report 33c’) which will show intraday deposits and withdrawals that occur in the MAS RTGS system. Further details can be found on the LCH website: LCH Ltd Acceptable Cash | LCH Group.

Members that wish to provide Singaporean securities may do so at LCH’s new account within the MAS MEPS+(SGS) custody system. Members may still deliver Singaporean securities for margin purposes through LCH’s existing network of custody providers (Euroclear, Citibank and BNY Mellon).

The current haircut schedule for securities can be found at the following link: LCH Ltd Acceptable Securities | LCH Group

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