SwapClear Opening Hours

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LCH Circular No 4041


28 August 2019


All SwapClear Clearing Members


Dear Member,
The SwapClear service is currently operational between 05:00 London Time and 19:00 New York Time*. LCH is amending this opening time to 04:00 London Time with effect from 9th September 2019**. This is to increase accessibility to the system, especially for Asia-Pacific based members and clients.  
Should you have any questions or would like to discuss this change in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact MembershipSales@lch.com 
Kind regards,
Membership Sales & Relationship Management
* See Procedures Section 2C 1.2.2 and FCM Procedure 2.1.2(b): the SwapClear service’s mandatory opening time will not change from 6:00 London Time, but LCH will have the discretion to operate SwapClear from 04:00 London Time, instead of 05:00 London Time.
** Subject to regulatory review
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