User Administration for CMS

Report date

Circular No.

LCH Circular No 3744


2nd June 2016


All LCH.Clearnet Ltd Members


Dear Member,

At LCH, we put a real focus on simplifying and streamlining member processes. We are proud to announce that the administration of Collateral Management users is to be consolidated into the existing online User Administration module, eliminating paper forms from the process.

Effective from early Q3 2016 all LCH members will self administer user access to the Collateral Management System (CMS) securely online, replacing the current process of submitting paper forms.

The Online User Administration module is already used by most of the existing LCH Portal applications, including reporting and business line applications such as SMART and Repocalc.
Due to the nature of CMS as a tool for instructing movements of cash and securities, we have segregated the roles of:

  • Admin User  – a user whose purpose is to create and maintain other users; and
  • CMS User – a user who uses CMS for business as usual i.e. instructing collateral transfers and viewing collateral balances etc.

As an exception specific people may be permitted to have access to both of the above functions, these are Super Users. Please contact us if you require Super Users.

CMS will also be undergoing some changes in order to standardise its User Access Model across each of the CCPs. Including:

  • Collateral Management SA permissions will now be configured per Mnemonic instead of per Market, meaning users will now have access to all Markets under a Mnemonic; and
  • CMS User Profiles feature will be removed (this is now replaced by the User Search & Edit feature in User Administration).

The timeframe for the migration of CMS to User Administration is outlined below, with further specific dates to be confirmed in the coming weeks:

  1. Identification of your Admin User(s) – before 30th June
  2. Option to trial User Administration / CMS changes in Member Test – Early July
  3. Implementation of CMS changes – Early Q3
  4. Launch of on-line User Administration module for CMS – Mid Q3

Action required.

You must appoint your first Collateral Management Admin User(s) using the attached offline form. All completed forms must be returned to by 30th June 2016.

For more details on the new User Administration process, please see the updated terms in our CMS Access Agreement which can be found here.

Important Notice: New user permissions will be frozen 2 weeks before the launch. However emergency request will still be possible on an exception basis.

Kind regards,

Collateral Services