Introduction to the CCP


Course Objective

The aim of this course is to present to future Clearing Members an introduction of the CCP’s role .

This training will also enable Clearing Members to understand the on-boarding process and LCH SA rules that manages the connection to the CCP.

This training aims also at facilitating Clearing Members future on boarding.


Intended Audience

This course is recommended as optional training for new and existing Clearing Members of LCH SA.

It can be for any professional interested in understanding how the CCP manage the on-boarding of Clearing Members from market capital requirements to means connectivity access.

Prior Knowledge Required

High level knowledge of a trade lifecycle: Trading, clearing and settlement.

Module Content

  • Introduction to the CCP (1h)
    • Who we are?
    • The role of Central Counterparty (CCP)
    • Membership & Access Solutions

Training Programme

This module is arranged upon request in our Paris or London offices.

It can also be arranged by vision conference or conference call.

Le Centorial
18, Rue du Quatre Septembre
75002 Paris

LCH Ltd Training Facility
Aldgate House
33 Aldgate High Street
United Kingdom

  • Who we are?
    • Background
    • LCH Group : Legal & Regulatory
    • A brief history and current membership statistics
  • The role of Central Counterparty (CCP)
    • CCP positioning
    • Novation
    • Multilateral netting effect
    • Overview
    • A virtuous circle
  • Membership & Access Solutions
    • Membership Critera
    • Membership process – on boarding new clients
    • Membership extension process
    • Access solutions

For further details, please contact the Member Training teams:

For RepoClear T: +33 (0) 1 70 37 28 38
For CDSClear T: +44 (0) 20 3197 4516
For EquityClear T: +33 (0) 1 70 37 67 60 SAEquityClearBusinessDev&

Knowledge Assessment

Once you have attended an LCH SA training course, you may also opt to register for a one and a half hour knowledge assessment, to take place within one month of attending a training session. The knowledge assessments can take place via email, or at our London or Paris offices.