Treasury Operations


This module enables delegates to gain a comprehensive understanding of Treasury Operations and the role and function of LCHSA. If required, introductory training on the products in which LCH offers central counterparty services is provided in “Introduction to the CCP”.


Intended Audience

This course is recommended as optional training for new and existing Clearing Members of LCH SA.

Prior Knowledge Required

This course assumes a general understanding of Treasury Operations and Collateral Management.


Treasury Operations

Training Programme

Date These modules:
-    are arranged upon request in our Paris or London offices.
-    can also be arranged by vision conference or conference call


Le Centorial
18, Rue du Quatre Septembre
75002 Paris

LCH Ltd Training Facility
Aldgate House
33 Aldgate High Street
United Kingdom

Please note that the duration of each module is an approximation and actual session times may vary. All training sessions can be scheduled at a mutually convenient time.

Role of Collateral Operations Department

Member’s Structure

  • Segregation house – client
  • CM Structure per Market
  • CM Structure per Collateral Account
  • Market Structure – Transverse Functionality
  • Collateral Flows per Market
  • Clearing Flows per Market
  • Margin Call Collection
  • Treasury Reports
  • Collateral Account Detail

Margin Call

  • EUR Cash Payment
    • Ancillary Systems
    • Payment Instructions Databases
    • Margin Call Settlement
    • Operating Outline
  • Central Bank Guarantee
  • Non Euro Currencies Margin Calls
  • Settlement Timetables

Eligible Collateral

  • Type of Eligible Collateral
  • Valuation of Collateral and Haircut
  • Collateral Deposit Procedure
    • Securities
      • Custodians
      • Principles
      • Corporate Action Management
      • Matured Collateral
      • Fees on Securities Deposit
      • Fees on Securities Transfer
    • Cash
      • Euro Deposit out of Autorepay
      • Other Currencies
      • Interest on Cash Deposit
  • Collateral Allocation
    • Priority Rules
    • Deposit per Market
    • All Market Deposit

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Knowledge Assessment

Once you have attended an LCH SA training course, you may also opt to register for a one and a half hour knowledge assessment, to take place within one month of attending a training session. The knowledge assessments can take place via email, or at our London or Paris offices.