RISK NOTICE 2016-014

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 Risk Management

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 RISK NOTICE 2016-014


LCH SA sets the margin parameters for the SPAN® algorithm pursuant to the Instruction IV.2-2 and the thresholds on additional margin requirement, pursuant to the Article regarding additional margins.
This notice concerns:                        

  • Launch of 4 new o'classes on ArcelorMittal :                    

M6O a Single Stock Future contract                    
"M8O a Single Dividend Stock Future contract"                    

  • MTO and 4MO Equity options contracts.                    
  • Launch of new spotlight contract : REXEL                    
  • Launch of new weekly options on ABN : 1AB                    
  • Update of the parameters impacting : Spotlight Option Rallye

These parameters shall come into effect with the margin call on the morning of 18th March 2016 for the positions at the close of 17th March 2016.

The Clearing Members shall require margins from Clients and Trading Members on the basis of principles defined in Article of the clearing Rule Book.         
These parameters are applied as part of the SPAN® methodology available on the LCH web site:                    


Please click here to view the margin parameters

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