Corporate Social Responsibility

LCH’s ongoing efforts to support our chosen charitable partners and to create a more sustainable world

Encouraging growth. Expanding opportunities.

As part of LSEG Post Trade, LCH recognises the important role that LSEG plays in supporting sustainable global economic growth, both in the way we manage our business and through the services we provide to financial markets.

As a global financial markets infrastructure business, our core purpose is to directly enable wealth and job creation: the markets we operate facilitate equity and debt funding, providing small, medium and larger businesses with access to capital, thereby giving them the chance to grow, create jobs and contribute to the broader economies in which they operate.

LCH contributes to LSEG’s sustainability programme supporting ‘Impact area – Manage Risk’, a commitment to reduce risks and improve the efficiency of trading and clearing through our markets; for example, through LCH’s provision of innovative services, such as compression and portfolio margining.

For more information about LSEG's sustainability programme, please download the latest sustainability report.

Empowering people. Enriching communities.

Changing young lives for the better is at the heart of LSEG’s Foundation. Because we know that everyone deserves the chance to fulfil their potential, no matter what barriers they face. Supporting charities that work in the communities where we operate, the Foundation is focused on helping young people from every kind of background develop the life and business skills they need. So that their future is driven by opportunity, not dictated by circumstance.

LCH contributes to the work of the LSEG Foundation with representation on its board and by involving LCH colleagues in fundraising initiatives and volunteering.

LSEG employees are entitled to two paid volunteering days each year, and LSEG Foundation matches funds raised by LCH colleagues' initiatives involving colleagues and friends. The programme matches up to £2,000 raised per person annually.

To learn more about the work of the LSEG Foundation and the charities we support, please email or visit this link.