Our Clearing Houses

An introduction to LCH Ltd and LCH SA

LCH Group Structure

LCH Ltd and LCH SA are part of the LSEG Post Trade group of companies, and operate some of the largest and most sophisticated clearing services in financial markets today. These include LCH SwapClear, our clearing service for interest rate swaps.

Others are distinguishing themselves by rapid growth, such as our FX clearing service, LCH ForexClear, which is taking the non-deliverable forwards market by storm.

And some are defined by visionary innovation, such as LCH CDSClear, the market’s first credit derivatives clearing service to offer clearing of single name CDS referencing financial names .

Our expanding suite of post trade services has been designed to increase efficiency and reduce costs across the clearing lifecycle. In addition, SwapAgent brings many of the benefits of clearing to the bilateral market by simplifying the processing, margining and settlement of non-cleared derivatives.

All of our clearing services are situated within the LCH Group and are provided by two clearing houses: LCH Ltd, which is our UK-based clearing house, and LCH SA, which is our clearing house based in France.


LCH Ltd is our UK-registered clearing house. Clearing services housed within LCH Ltd include LCH SwapClear, LCH ForexClear, LCH RepoClear, LCH EquityClear Ltd and LCH’s cleared Listed Rates business.

LCH Ltd clearing members and their clients benefit from LCH’s unrivalled suite of cleared listed and OTC instruments, our best-in-class product innovations in compression and portfolio margining, as well as the most sophisticated risk management standards attainable in the market today.

These include the broadest selection of customer protection and segregation options for their positions and the industry’s most advanced margin methodologies, backed by the market’s most exacting collateral standards.

That’s what makes LCH “The Markets' Partner”.


LCH SA is our clearing house registered in France. Clearing services housed within LCH SA include LCH CDSClear, LCH RepoClear, LCH EquityClear and LCH CommodityClear.

LCH SA clearing members and their clients enjoy LCH’s unmatched offering in cleared listed and OTC products, and industry-leading innovations that make managing cleared portfolios easier through tools such as trade compression and portfolio margining.

LCH SA members also benefit from the highest risk management standards achievable in the market. These include the widest selection of customer protection and segregation options for their positions, and the industry’s most sophisticated margin methodologies – underpinned by the market’s most rigorous collateral requirements.

That’s why LCH truly is “The Markets' Partner”.