Our clearing houses

LCH Ltd partners with market participants globally to offer clearing services for a diverse range of asset classes, including Equities, Fixed Income, FX, Rates and Repos. Our SwapAgent service extends many of the operational benefits that clearing delivers to the bilateral market. When combined with the flexibility of our 'open access' model, LCH continues to set the standard for choice and efficiency in the marketplace.


LCH SA is our Continental European clearing house, offering clearing services for credit default swaps (CDS), repos and fixed income, commodities, cash equities, and equity derivatives. Members and clients benefit from an open-access model that offers a choice of execution venues, delivering unprecedented choice and efficiencies to the marketplace.

Benchmark Reform

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The Rules and Regulations documents outline the relationship between LCH and clearing members, covering the rights and obligations of each. LCH Ltd and LCH SA are distinct legal entities with their own rulebooks and processes.


Our unique membership and governance models have created productive market knowledge for us to grow strategically. We are committed to working closely with our clients to tailor our clearing solutions to fit the way the market trades.


We are a leading Rates and multi-asset clearing house that provides proven risk management capabilities across Equities, Repo, Commodities, CDS, FX, and OTC and Listed Rates to members and their clients. As a clearing house, we stand in the middle of capital markets, acting as a buyer to every seller and a seller to every buyer. Put simply, we make financial markets safer.

It’s not only the breadth of our product offering that sets us apart from our competitors, it’s also our commitment to working with our members, partnering with you to develop the services and tools you need to make your business more efficient and to make financial markets safer for us all.