What We Clear

EquityClear SA is LCH’s France-based clearing service for cash equities and cash equity equivalents

Welcome to EquityClear SA

EquityClear is an all-in-one solution for cash equities and cash equities equivalents derivatives clearing.

As the leading European equities central counterparty (CCP), our Clearing Members expect a superior and seamless clearing experience - and that is exactly what we provide.

Below, you can learn more about the products that we clear at EquityClear SA – our France-based clearing house and the benefits of joining our service for both Clearing Members and their clients.

Cash Equities at EquityClear SA

Cash Equities and derivatives are the lifeblood of EquityClear – they are at the heart of our entire service offering.

Regardless of the type of trading venue where you are executing your trades , you’ll be able to clear them with us. These platforms include:

  • Exchanges
  • Multilateral Trading Facilities (MTFs) 
Listed Derivatives at EquityClear SA

LCH SA provides clearing services for the continental business of Euronext Derivatives Markets for a broad range of futures and options contracts covering equities, indexes, commodities and currency derivatives.

By clearing through LCH clearing members benefit from reduced credit risk, enhanced capital efficiency and operational resilience from reliable and secure systems.

Government and Corporate Bonds

Clearing Members of EquityClear SA also have the ability to clear a wide variety of debt European securities at our central counterparty. 

Among the Euro-denominated fixed income contracts eligible for clearing at EquityClear are:

  • Corporate bonds
  • Government bonds
  • Covered bonds
EquityClear SA Trading Venues

EquityClear SA offers clearing services for cash equities, cash equities equivalents, derivatives as well as government and corporate bonds.

You can find information on EquityClear eligible execution venues, and the products we clear on our service below:


EquityClear SA provides clearing services to Euronext's Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon and Paris cash equities and derivative markets. Euronext is the first pan-European exchange, spanning Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, Ireland and the UK. Euronext operates regulated and transparent equity and derivatives markets, offering market participants a comprehensive range of services to meet their needs.

The Euronext products that EquityClear SA currently clears are:

  • Stocks
  • Financial derivatives (options and futures)
  • Warrants and certificates
  • Funds, UCITS, trackers and structured funds
  • Exchange traded commodities



EquityClear SA is the exclusive CCP to provide clearing services for the Euronext Growth market stocks traded on Turquoise since October 2018. Furthermore, starting April 2019, trading members can opt for LCH SA as their preferred CCP for all the other Euronext ISINs traded on Turquoise.

All trades in these ISINs will be netted with trades in the same ISINs done elsewhere, providing margin, settlement and other cost benefits for the members involved.

Bourse de Luxembourg

EquityClear SA has provided clearing services for corporate bonds, government bonds and equities traded on the Bourse de Luxembourg since March 2008. All trades are settled in Euroclear Bank and Clearstream Banking Luxembourg.

EquityClear members are able to access a broad range of over 42,000 products listed on Bourse de Luxembourg.


Equiduct Trading provides a MiFID compliant, integrated pan-European single point of connectivity for trading services through the Regulated Market operated by Börse Berlin.

Products acceptable are:

Single company cash equities and equivalents such as:

  • Exchange traded funds (ETFs) 
  • Exchange traded commodities (ETC) 
  • Real estate investment trusts (REITs)