LCH.Clearnet LTD – Collateral Management Launches on MyStandards

Report date

Circular No.

LCH Circular No 3666


14th October 2015


All LCH.Clearnet Members


Clearing Members are advised that LCH.Clearnet has published its suite of collateral management SWIFT usage guidelines on MyStandards. In addition we are also providing Clearing Members with a dedicated on demand test harness – Readiness Portal.

This includes the following Standard Message Service guidelines updated for the 2015 SWIFT Standards Release:

  • MX (ISO 20022)
    • Colr.003.001.03 Margin Call Request (outbound – from LCH) – available Q4 2015
    • Colr.007.001.03 Collateral Proposal (inbound – to LCH)
    • Colr.008.001.03 Collateral Proposal Response (outbound – from LCH)
  • MT (ISO 15022)
    • MT 535 Statement of Holdings reporting (outbound – from LCH)
    • MT 950 Statement Message (outbound – from LCH) – available Q4 2015

And the new Custodial Seg Message Service guidelines:

  • MT (ISO 20022)
    • Colr.007.001.03 Collateral Proposal (outbound – from LCH) - Notification
    • Colr.008.001.03 Collateral Proposal Response (inbound – to LCH) - Affirmation
    • Colr.006.001.03 Collateral Management Cancellation (outbound – from LCH)
  • MT (ISO 15022)
    • MT 558 Triparty Collateral Status and Processing Advice (outbound – from LCH)
    • MT 569 Triparty Collateral and Exposure Statement (outbound – from LCH)

Please refer to for an overview of the CMS Messaging Service.

Please click here to view a PDF regarding LCH.Clearnet's Usage Guidelines on  Swift MyStandards